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Straight from the Source: Samson Technologies
EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is straight from Samson Technologies’ Andy McKenzie, Marketing and Product Training Specialist. Andy uncovers some excellent talking and selling points regarding their Expedition portable sound systems.

Samson Expedition portable PA systems provide quality sound reinforcement in the classroom, an often overlooked yet extremely important aspect of music education environments—without quality sound, communication and learning are compromised. Samson portable sound systems are available in two major configurations: rechargeable battery powered systems and all-in-one AC powered systems. (Description and VIDEOS)


XP106w_FrontPermanently installed sound systems are designed for a fixed application; however, Samson portable PA systems remove the constraints of the classroom, offering quality performance, and providing the ultimate flexibility to move beyond the walls of the classroom if that’s what’s best for the student.

No cables! Our rechargeable speaker systems provide quick and easy setup, basic inputs, tone control, and even wireless Bluetooth® streaming in a lightweight, compact package.

XP800_HeroSamson’s Expedition all-in-one systems are the perfect solution for customers who need more power with the added capacity to handle larger musical performances and speaking presentations. Almost all of these uniquely designed, compact stereo PAs feature removable powered mixers, EQ, effects, and Bluetooth streaming. Plus, setup and breakdown can be done in less than five minutes!

Qualifying Your Education Customer

How portable does the system need to be? If they need the easiest setup and utmost portability without the mess of cables or AC extension cords, offer Expedition XP106W, Express, and Escape.

If the system is going to be used mainly in one room, but requires a bit more power and input flexibility, offer Expedition XP150, XP800, and XP1000.

How many people are you communicating with? For small areas with up to 20 people that require just a single speaker with between 30 and100 watts of power, offer Expedition XP106W, Express, and Escape.

For larger rooms with settings for 30 to 100 people that require over 150 watts of power, offer Expedition XP150, XP800, and XP1000.

What is the primary application? Whether indoors or outdoors, if you’re ever going to use the system with several musicians, requiring additional inputs and power to get the best performance, offer XP1000, XP800, and  XP150. These are also great for larger classroom lectures.

When AC power isn’t readily available, ultra-portable, rechargeable systems with their basic, easy-to-use setups are the ideal mobile sound reinforcement solution, offer Expedition XP106W, Express, and Escape

Related Products:

Expedition XP106w
Rechargeable Battery-Powered Wireless PA with Bluetooth®
$404.99 (US)
MAP: $299.99 (US)
HL 00140070

Expedition XP150
150-Watt Portable PA
$419.99 (US)
MAP: $299.99 (US)
HL 00140062

Expedition Express
Rechargeable Battery Powered PA with Bluetooth®
$279.99 (US)
MAP: $199.99 (US)
HL 00140067

Expedition Escape
Rechargeable Battery-Powered Speaker System with Bluetooth®
$149.99 (US)
MAP: $99.99 (US)
HL 00140066

Expedition XP800
800-Watt Portable PA System
$809.99 (US)
MAP: $599.99 (US)
HL 00156730

Expedition XP1000
1,000-Watt Portable PA System
$1,039.99 (US)
MAP: $799.99 (US)
HL 00140064

Expedition Single Speaker Stand
$99.99 (US)
HL 00140108

Mixer Stand Holder for the Expedition XP1000 and XP510i Portable PAs
$84.99 (US)
HL 00140113


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